Research shows that reading at home is crucial to future reading success. Children who read regularly at home have a greater and more varied vocabulary, are better able to articulate themselves and have a more varied knowledge within the wider curriculum than those who do not.

This dedicated web page has information, resources and details of events we will be running throughout the year to help support reading and phonic development.  

Reading Bands

Pupil reading books are differentiated by colour bands. When children have shown they can decode successfully and can answer comprehension questions about what they have read at their current colour band then the class teacher will move them onto the next colour. You can see how the colours progress here. 

Book bands.jpg


Across the school we teach reading in a number of different ways, these will vary depending on the age and stage of development for each child. Our youngest children will mostly learn about sounds, letters and words through synthetic systematic phonics (see below) and our older pupils will access a wide range of different reading teaching and learning including guided reading, shared reading, independent and research based reading, text immersion and reading for pleasure.

Phonics is the prime approach for the teaching and learning of reading in the UK. Within in phonics the skills of segmenting and blending sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) to build and recognise words quickly allows children to read and spell independently. This approach is known as systematic synthetic phonics. We follow the Letters and Sounds progression document when teaching phonics. Phonics is taught from Saplings through to the end of Year 2. Daily lessons are highly engaging, with a fast pace and an interactive approach. On this page you will find some tips, games and links to try at home.

For those of us who were not taught phonics at school, this useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound) may be useful viewing.


Phonics resources for home...

Teach your monster to read is a multi-award winning, free online game that can be played online or downloaded to a tablet as an app. As a game it progressively builds through varying levels that are matched to the Letters and Sounds programme of phonics. The funny and engaging games will keep children entertained for hours whilst also continuing to develop reading skills.