Maths Lab

On this page you will find information about how we teach and how the children learn maths at The Willows as well as resources, ideas, hints, tips and links for supporting your child's mathematical development at home. 

Our calculation policy can be found on the school policies section of the website. We currently are following the White Rose maths framework which has gained widespread recognition in the last few years for it's innovative, research lead approach to the teaching of maths and through it's small steps planning to building children's fluency and mastery in maths.

You can view the long term planning document that we follow by clicking on the button below. 


Multiplication Games

A selection of free games for all abilities to test their times table knowledge. Mr Jezzard recommends Granny Prix - Customise her chair and watch her go!

Maths Playground


More games for children to access here at Math playground. Problem solving, reasoning, arithmetic as well as shape, space and measure games can be found here. 

Calculation Policy

The following document breaks down the four main calculating operations that are taught across the primary years (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). In each year group you will see the concrete, pictorial and abstract steps through which children become confident and competent at dealing with number and calculation problems. These strategies are aided and underpinned by good recall of number facts such as number bonds and times tables.