Wild West Berks Project - Innovative school project teaching links between health and planet

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) and West Berkshire Council have launched an innovative pilot project to teach children how keeping themselves healthy can help the natural world.

Wild West Berkshire teaches pupils about eating healthier food, taking more exercise, and how that can help wildlife and tackle climate change.

BBOWT officer Emma Hine is working with 218 children aged seven to ten across nine classes at the Willows Primary School, Newbury. She is visiting each class three times - in the autumn, winter and spring.

As well as befriending vegetables, the children also play a host of games to help them learn how being healthy helps the natural world.

In the playground they play wildlife activity bingo, where Emma holds up a picture of an animal, tells the children some facts about it, then they all repeat an action imitating that animal. Scuttling sideways like a crab, swooping like an owl and leaping like a frog are fun ways to learn about nature, but are also a fun way to get valuable exercise which the children learn is good for their physical and mental health.

In the classroom, children are asked to name every mode of transport they can think of to get to school, from walking to hovercraft. Emma writes all the answers on a board, but some are on the left and some are on the right: at the end of the exercise the children have to work out the difference between zero-carbon travel such as roller-skating, and the more carbon-intensive methods they called out - such as submarine.

The project has been entirely funded by West Berkshire Council.

Cllr Graham Bridgman, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing says:
“This is a brilliant initiative that goes straight to the heart of children’s curiosity and desire to learn new things. Engaging children in this way can be a lifelong game changer – if healthy habits are adopted early, they can stay for life. This is also an excellent opportunity for children to recognise the links between looking after their own health and looking after the health of the environment around us.”

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Competition Winners - Draw a Dinosaur Day

National Draw a Dinosaur Day on the 30th January celebrated the mysticism and magic that surrounds these magnificent animals that once roamed the world eons ago. On this day, children from across the school took the time to draw, paint and sketch all types of dinosaurs.

OuttaReach - the school graphics company asked us to submit our winning dinosaur drawings into their national competition and 2 children from our school won - first prize and a special director's recognition award.

See the winning children and their prizes by clicking the link below

First prize dinosaur drawing

Special director's recognition award

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