Learning at The Willows

At our school we strive to ensure that pupils not only become great learners but also responsible and active citizens.

Children are taught that learning is a journey and that there are steps that we can all take to understand our own learning in order to make progress on that journey.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are introduced to learning buddies who each display a characteristic of learning.

Motivated Marvin is a hard worker, he concentrates on what he is doing and always tries his best even when things get a bit tricky!

Energetic Elly loves to explore, especially new things, and is always ready to have a go!

Thinking Thelma has great ideas which she likes to test out - and is a great problem solver when things don't quite go to plan.

‘The Learning Pit’

From Year 1 to 6 pupils are taught about ‘The Learning Pit’. The pit represents the difficulties we encounter on our learning journey and is talked about in terms of how we feel and what we might be faced with at different stages of learning. Often during learning we all go through a stage of struggling and this is what we call, ‘being in the pit’. Through perseverance, overcoming mistakes, facing challenges and misconceptions we are able to climb out of the pit and feel proud of achieving new learning!

‘The 5Bs’

Alongside the learning pit we have adopted the 5Bs strategy to help all pupils take a greater degree of responsibility in their own learning. The 5B's give children strategies to help themselves and ways to access support when they are stuck or in the pit.

Learning Reviews

At the end of every term, I put together an end of term review of the children’s favourite learning opportunities. This review includes photos of events and activities as well as comments and quotes from the children and teachers.

Please click the link below to access this review.

Miss MacArthur

Autumn 23 Learning Review

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