School Meals

School Dinner

Children can have a hot meal every day prepared freshly in our school kitchen by Dolce.

Children have 3 meal choices including a vegetarian option for £2.30 a day. Payments can be made online at SchoolGrid.

Menus are sent out in advance and choices can be made by parents at home or by pupils in school.

Reception and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal everyday.

Packed Lunch

Alternatively children can bring a packed lunch each day.

As we have a number of children with severe allergies we kindly ask you not to send children in with nuts in their lunch boxes this include peanut butter and chocolate spread.

Snack & Water

We know that it can be a long time from breakfast to lunch and ask that children in KS2 bring a healthy snack for morning break time.  All children in KS1 and the Early Years have access to a choice of fruit everyday so an additional snack is not required.

Please also send in a named water bottle with your child so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day. This must only contain water.

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