House Captains

Each child in the school belongs to one of the 4 school houses. 

Each house has two elected House Captains. House Captains are Y6 pupils that are elected to the role by their peers.

House Captains are expected to be role models for the rest of the school. These children aspire to be honest, hardworking and conscientious - ensuring that the rest of the school look up to them. They uphold and exemplify the school values and set a good example for behaviour and conduct both in and out of school.

All children can earn house points at any time as part of verbal and written praise. These can be given for a number of reasons including for example; fantastic effort, positive behaviour both in the classroom and outside on the playground, following the school rules, demonstrating the school values, good work as well as through positive learning behaviours such as learning from a mistake, co-operating effectively in group work activities or sharing an excellent answer or idea.

Children collect counters for each house point they receive. These are counted weekly by our new school House Captains and scores are recorded and celebrated as part of our weekly praise assembly, which takes place on a Friday.

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