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Walnut Class Maple Class
Miss Sinclair Miss Wigley
Teacher Fact File Teacher Fact File
Favourite animal: Bee Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite subject: Maths Favourite subject: English
Favourite food: Curry Favourite food: Tapas
Favourite sport: Dance Favourite sport: Horse Riding
Favourite colour: Yellow Favourite colour: Purple

Year 4 Topics 2022

Active Planet

Have you ever wondered how volcanoes are made?
How do the continents move?

Natural History Museum


Who invented the first plane?
Have you ever wanted to make your own?

Brooklands Air Museum

Vanishing Rainforests

Do you know what is happening to our rainforests?
Why are our rainforests so important?

Living Rainforest

Class Novel

The Light Jar

The Firework Makers Daughter

The Iron Man

Malkin Moonlight

The Explorer

Literacy Texts

When the Giant Stirred

Escape from Pompeii

This Little Pebble

Range of topic based NF books

The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe

The Teacher Pleaser

Twisted Tales

Range of topic based NF books

Just So Stories

The Kapok Tree

There’s a rang tang in my bedroom

Range of topic based NF books

Reading Gladiators

Songs of the Dolphin Boy

Chalk Eagle

Stars with Flaming Tails

Runaway Robot

Word of Mouse

The Distance between me and the Cherry Tree

The Umbrella Mouse

School drop off and pick up

Entrance: Pyle Hill gate
Drop off: 8:35am
Pick up: 3:10pm

Pyle Hill gate will open at 8.30 and 3.05pm

Staff will open classroom doors to receive children until 8.35 and at 3.10pm to release them.

The Pyle Hill gate will open at 8.30 for parents to access the school site.

Parents are asked to wait in the area outside the side door to the new build that faces the Pyle Hill Gate – see map

Staff will not open the side doors to receive children until 8.35 when Y4 children will be greeted and let in by Y4 teachers and staff

At the end of the day, the Pyle Hill gate will be opened at 3.05pm and parents can wait in the area outside the side door to the new build for staff to open the doors and let the children out at 3.10pm to a named adult.

What do I do if I have another child in another year group?

If you have younger children, then we recommend you drop them off first before your Y3/4 child.

Drop your Y3/4 child off at this gate and then your elder child/ren can walk to their classrooms from the Y3/4 drop off point independently. Alternatively, if your other children are able to walk to their classrooms independently they can all be dropped off at the Nightingales gate.

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