Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the start of your UKS2 learning adventure.

Our Year 5 team is made up of Mr Jordan and Mrs Clarkson.

We look forward to watching you make progress in Year 5, both academically and personally.

We know you will enjoy our exciting curriculum experiences – trips to Mars, exploring rivers and finding out who was great, bold and brave throughout history.

By the end of Year 5, you will be ready to start Year 6 and begin your final chapter, here with us, at The Willows

Year 5 are taught in Cypress by Mrs Clarkson   and in Sycamore by Mr  Jordan.

 Mrs Clarkson

 Mr Jordan


Class Novel



Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Who Let The Gods Out

The Matchbox Diary


Literacy Texts


Space Poetry

Range of topic based NF books

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (+ graphic novel version)

Greek Myths Anthology

Range of topic based NF books

Arthur & The Golden Rope

The Highwayman

The Matchbox Diary

Range of non-fiction texts (18th Century crime & punishment)

Reading Gladiators

The Dam

The Space We’re In

The House by the Lake


The Clockwork Crow

Tamarind and the Star of Ishta



School drop off and pick up

Entrance: Nightingale gate
Drop off: 8:35am
Pick up: 3:10pm

Nightingales gate will open at 8.30, 11.35 (Saplings only), 12.10 (Saplings only) and 3.05

Staff will open classroom doors to receive children at 8.35am and let them out at 3.10pm

Children will be expected to walk through the gates on their own and make their way to their classroom in the terrapin block.

Parents of Y5/6 children are asked to drop off their children so that they can walk to the terrapins on their own.

If parents need to give a message to teachers/staff, this can be done on the Nightingales gate, where staff will be present. Children will be released through the Nightingales gate at the end of the day at 3.10pm. If parents want their child to walk home alone, please ensure that the permission form has been completed, signed and returned to school.

What do I do if I have another child in another year group?

Drop your Y5/6 child off at this gate and then walk round to the other gate for your younger children

Alternatively, if your other children are able to walk to their classrooms independently they can all be dropped off at the Nightingales gate

If your other child is in KS1, you can make your way to the other entrance after dropping your child at the Nightingales first

Further Information

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