Welcome to Nursery.

In Nursery we are committed to offering the highest quality learning experiences for all of our 3 and 4 year olds. Our Nursery environment is set up to stimulate and challenge, whilst also adapting constantly to the growing needs and interests of our children. We have 2 large indoor spaces which are well resourced with learning opportunities including,
construction, mark making, reading, creating and imagining. We have a large undercover patio area and take great pride in our extensive garden area. The children are inspired by being outside, which happens in all weather, and have been responsible for growing a wide range of plants in our garden.

All of our children in Nursery are given a key worker who will work closely with our children in our group times and support the children’s emotional and cognitive needs. Staff in Nursery are committed to building positive relationships with all of our children and ensure engagement is sensitive to the children’s learning style and needs.

We observe and note the high-quality interactions with our children and share our achievements with parents on Seesaw and though learning stories. We are grateful for all of our parental support. Parents are encouraged to share information from home in daily dialogue at hand over times and through Seesaw. We recognise that parent partnership has a huge impact on children’s achievement.

K HewittNursery are currently split into morning and afternoon cohorts. They are taught by Mrs Hewitt. 

In Nursery children are taught phonics daily and we follow the Letters and Sounds framework for phonics. Parents are encouraged to share books and stories at home as research shows that children who are regularly read to will become better readers. When pupils are ready, the Nursery teachers will discuss with parents how our reading scheme can be used to support children in learning to read. 

We use a range of schemes banded by colour through which the children progress. More information can be found on our Phonics & Reading page.

School drop off and pick up

Entrance: Main car park gate
Drop off: 8:35am
Pick up: 11:35am

Main black car park gate will open at 8.30, 11.35 (Nursery only), 12.10 (Nursery only) and 3.05pm

Staff will open classroom doors to receive children at 8.35am and let them out at 3.10pm

Parents of children in Nursery are asked to enter school with their child through the main pedestrian gate at the front of the car park/school and walk on path until they reach the green nursery gate on the right hand side. Parents are asked to wait on the right hand side of the path until staff open the doors to receive the children. At the end of the session, parents are asked to queue in the same way, on the path outside the green nursery gate a staff member will bring your child to you with their belongings at 3.10pm

What do I do if I have another child in another year group?

Take your child to Nursery first.

If your elder child is in KS2, they can be dropped at the Nightingales gate to walk round to their classroom on their own, going through school site where staff will be present to help them or guide them if they are unsure. If your elder child is in KS1, you can make your way to the other entrance after dropping your child at nursery first

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