Welcome to Year 3

The start of your exciting and inspiring journey through key stage 2.

Year 3 are taught by Miss Waldeck and Mrs Perrin in Maple and Mr Banks in Cedar. Miss Waldeck is also the LKS2 Team Leader. 

Meet the teachers

Miss Waldeck - Maple Class

I am a keen runner and enjoy listening to my favourite songs as I run. Art and craft is also one of my passions. I enjoy learning new crafts, from sewing to macrame, or drawing to jewellery making.

Mr Banks - Cedar Class

I have a passion for PE and enjoy all sports. Currently I am training to run a marathon and challenging myself to run further than I ever have before.

Mrs Perrin - Maple Class

I like to spend my spare time reading and baking. I have a keep interest in dinosaurs and like swapping prehistoric facts.

We all have different talents and we can't wait to learn about yours.

Learning opportunities

Explore the sounds of Trinidad and Tobago.

How did people live in the Stone Age?
Who discovered Tutankhamun?
Why are farms so important?

Master your maths skills using a range of resources

Take a trip along the reading live... where will you stop next?

Where will your learning journey take you?

Class Novel

UG by Raymond Briggs

Stig of The Dump

The Time Travelling Cat

Flat Stanley & The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery

Farm Boy

When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit

Literacy Texts


Leon and The Place Between

The Lost Happy Endings/Wonder

Stig of The Dump

Secrets of Stonehenge

Range of topic based NF books

Diary of a Killer Cat
Egyptian Cinderella

Cinderella of the Nile

My Life as a Goldfish (poetry)

Range of topic based NF books

Fantastic Mr Fox

Six Animal Adventures – Michael Morpurgo

Range of topic based NF books

Reading Gladiators

My Life as a Goldfish & other poems

Ariki and the Giant Shark

The Magic Place


Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf

The Reluctant Dragon

School drop off and pick up

Entrance: Pyle Hill gate
Drop off: 8:35am
Pick up: 3:10pm

Pyle Hill gate will open at 8.30 and 3.05pm

Staff will open classroom doors to receive children until 8.35 and at 3.10pm to release them.

The Pyle Hill gate will open at 8.30 for parents to access the school site.

Parents are asked to wait in the area outside the side door to the new build that faces the Pyle Hill Gate – see map

Staff will not open the side doors to receive children until 8.35 when Y3 children will be greeted and let in by Y3 teachers and staff

At the end of the day, the Pyle Hill gate will be opened at 3.05pm. Y3 parents are asked to wait outside the allocated classroom doors on the map for staff to open the doors and let the children out at 3.10pm to a named adult

What do I do if I have another child in another year group?

If you have younger children, then we recommend you drop them off first before your Y3/4 child.

Drop your Y3/4 child off at this gate and then your elder child/ren can walk to their classrooms from the Y3/4 drop off point independently. Alternatively, if your other children are able to walk to their classrooms independently they can all be dropped off at the Nightingales gate.

Further Information

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